Month: August 2014

The Weather Reporter LLC – History and Introduction

Having already been posting, sharing, and re-tweeting pertinent meteorological information for a few years now on social media I am achieving another small yet important step in my evolution of owning and operating a successful meteorological consulting business.  The creation of The Weather Reporter blog.

As I begin the official The Weather Reporter blog I would like to give a brief history and introduction of the company as well as an overview on the concept of operations, goals and plans moving forward.

  • The Weather Reporter was originally established back in 2006, under a different name, and under a different set of personal and professional circumstances.  The planning stages actually began a few years earlier.  Under entirely new circumstances and having hit the reset button many times I am making slow and steady progress with an entirely new brand.  A big step towards that goal was achieved on June 1, 2014 with the launch of The Weather Reporter website  While going through the many hurdles and revisions my vision and mission remained the same. TWR mission is “to provide expert meteorological consultation and support to industries, businesses, organizations, events, and other weather dependent activities.”
  • My educational background and 25 years of instructional and operational meteorology experience allowed me to acquire a very unique set of skills that highly qualifies me as an expert consultant.  As a Launch Weather Officer for the U.S. Air Force at Cape Canaveral AFS, FL I specialized in site specific (launch pad) forecasting for the U.S. space program where extreme accuracy with respect to location and time was mandatory.  I learned many valuable lessons and processes while providing meteorological support to the manned and unmanned space launch programs and plan to apply many of those to industries and businesses outside the Air Force, NASA, and space program.

The Weather Reporter concept of operations will take on a four-objective approach.

  • First and foremost personnel on site safety will be the top priority.  Whether it is contractors on a construction site, or attendees of a large outdoor event or wedding the threat from heavy rain, lightning, or high winds is an everyday occurrence in Florida.   The Weather Reporter will monitor and provide well in advance warning of the potential threats.
  • A second high priority objective will be to minimize work downtime due to adverse weather.  There is nothing worse than scheduling a full work crew only to have unexpected heavy rain and lightning make it impossible to complete the job.   TWR will work closely with customers to ensure the ‘unexpected’ never occurs.  TWR will create site specific, short and long-term operational planning forecasts allowing planners and decision makers to make well-informed decisions when scheduling work and events.
  • A third priority will be to make communications between meteorologist and customer direct and the flow of pertinent meteorological information uninhibited.  Customers will always have direct access to a meteorologist when critical weather related business or event decisions need to be made.
  • Finally meteorological information will be presented to the customer in a no-nonsense, bottom line fashion.  Only pertinent information and facts related to the job or event will be given to the customer.

Now that you have a brief history and introduction to myself and my company I invite to look for upcoming blogs as TWR will present and discuss information on a variety of meteorological information and topics that are important to Florida.  An upcoming blog will cover and answer a very important question in the Private Meteorology industry.  Why Pay for Private Forecasting Services?

Real-time posts on weather conditions across the 8 Florida Zones (see map) will also be published when conditions warrant.

“Practically every human endeavor has a weather dependency”….what is yours?

At The Weather Reporter,  “we make weather predictable”

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