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Satellite Weather 08/18/2019

Credit: NOAA

GOES EAST GeoColor satellite imagery over Florida. Surface to mid level east to west oriented high pressure ridge axis has shifted slightly to the north and is now lying across the south central peninsula. In turn the deepest moisture has also shifted northward with drier air now over the southern half of the peninsula. This will lower the overall coverage of afternoon showers and thunderstorms over the southern half. A majority of the activity will be north of the I-4 corridor where again the deepest moisture now exists. Steering level winds will continue to direct this activity towards the northeast.

Satellite Weather 08/17/2019

Credit: NOAA

GOES EAST GeoColor satellite imagery over Florida. Once again ongoing numerous showers and thunderstorms over the west coast. Areas currently void of clouds will have the highest potential for new development of showers and thunderstorms as daytime heating occurs and the sea breezes develop by late morning and early afternoon. Strengthening steering levels wind will continue to push activity the northeast . Upper level winds will continue to push thunderstorm anvil clouds towards the south and southwest.