Month: May 2017

Florida Weather – 5/31/2017

The onset of the Florida ‘wet’ season’ typically begins during the last week of May.  The main ingredients which signifies this onset is increasingly deeper moisture content and an unstable atmosphere.  These ingredients along with daytime heating will allow the east and west coast sea breezes to trigger showers and thunderstorms across the peninsula Florida by early afternoon.  The subsequent outflow boundaries generated by the initial thunderstorms will result in mutiple boundary collisions and additional thunderstorm development.  Environmental mid level steering flow winds will then determine the movement of all thunderstorm activity and what areas will be impacted.

For today all the ingredients and parameters are in place for scattered showers and thunderstorms across the peninsula.  A light southwest steering flow will result in a majority of the activity to accumulate on the eastern half of the state by late afternoon and evening.