Month: June 2017

Florida Weather 6/30/2017

On this final day of June satellite imagery of the continental U.S. shows a typical summer looking scenario.  Strong ridge of high pressure across the west, note the lack of clouds, with the main storm track across southern Canada and the northeast U.S.  A dissipating MCS can be seen across the central U.S. while Florida will experience another normal summer day with afternoon sea breeze induced thunderstorms accumulating over interior sections of the state by evening.

Florida Weather 6/29/2017

Visible satellite imagery reveals the start of a typical late June day across the state.  The east coast sea breeze can be seen just developing along southeastern portions of the peninsula.  As the sea breezes become more established and daytime heating continues showers an thunderstorms will develop along the boundaries.  With the mid level ridge axis oriented E to W across central Florida steering level winds will be light and variable.  In such a scenario all activity will tend to accumulate over interior sections of Florida by late afternoon and evening.  Areas across the Panhandle and north Florida will receive more activity than the remainder of the state.

Florida Weather 6/27/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida shows deep moisture has returned to a good part of the peninsula.  Daytime heating into the low 90’s and afternoon sea breezes will trigger showers and thunderstorms in the moist unstable atmosphere.  Activity will increase and accumulate on the eastern half of the state by late afternoon as steering level winds will push all showers and thunderstorms SW to NE

Florida Weather 6/26/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida shows an increase in moisture content shown by the increase cloud development compared to the same time on the previous few days.  Clouds will develop into showers and thunderstorm as daytime heating continues and the sea breezes from both coasts form and move inland.  Steering level winds will slowly push all activity generally SW to NE as the ridge axis slowly sinks southward.

Florida Weather 6/24/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida reveals a subtle shift southward of the surface ridge axis, now located north of Lake Okeechobee.  Note the curvature in the cloud lines to more W to E orientation north of the I-4 corridor.  Mid level dry air and warm temperatures will limit shower and thunderstorm development again for today.  An isolated shower or thunderstorm will form as daytime heating continues although coverage will be low.

Florida Weather 6/22/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida reveals a more typical summer-like pattern.  Cumulus cloud streets oriented SSE to NNW can be seen and mark the low level wind field and placement of the surface ridge axis.  Note the downwind ‘shadows’ from the larger water bodies over the peninsula.  Isolated to widely scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms will develop along the cloud lines as daytime heating continues.  The overall coverage will be relatively low.

Florida Weather 6/21/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida on the summer solstice.  A large coverage of showers and and thunderstorms associated with Tropical Storm Cindy continues to impact the Panhandle with heavy rains and isolated tornadoes.  The remainder of the peninsula will see afternoon showers and thunderstorms develop in the moist unstable atmosphere.  Steering level winds will quickly push all activity from SSE to NNW.

Florida Weather 6/20/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida shows a large area of showers and thunderstorms associated with a tropical disturbance over the Gulf of Mexico.  Heavy rains are occurring along the Panhandle and extreme western coastline of Florida.  The remainder of the peninsula with the exception of the eastern coastline will have widely scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorm.  Isolated showers will occur along the east coast and coastal waters.  Steering level winds will push all activity rapidly from SE to NW.