Month: August 2016

Florida Weather 8/11/16

A transition to a deep east to west wind flow regime is taking place as high pressure at the surface and aloft retrogrades from the Atlantic over Florida.  Visible satellite imagery shows a weak easterly wave located along the southern periphery of the clockwise rotating high pressure enhancing sea breeze induced showers and thunderstorms along the eastern half of the Florida Peninsula.  The other area of note are the showers and thunderstorms over the Florida Panhandle from the low pressure system along the northern Gulf of Mexico.

FL VIS SAT 8-11-16

Florida Weather 8/10/16

Upper level low pressure system continues to move westward and now is producing heavy rainfall along the Florida Panhandle and northern Gulf Coast states.  Visible satellite imagery shows areas along Big Bend and west coast drying out from recent heavy rains.  An active east coast sea breeze can be seen generating thunderstorms along the east coast.  Additional thunderstorms will develop along the sea breezes and areas of sufficient surface heating.

latest_TPA_vis 8-10-16

Florida Weather 8/9/16

Complex upper level feature that has resulting in large rainfall amounts across the Big Bend and west coast regions of Florida will slowly pull westward, away from the state, over the next couple of days.  Satellite imagery shows the system over the northeast Gulf of Mexico.  Additional thunderstorms will develop over land areas where surface heating will tap into the moist unstable air mass in place.  Activity will travel towards the central and eastern portions of the peninsula.