Month: June 2016

Florida Weather 6/15/16

Florida visible satellite imagery shows a more distinct westerly wind flow at the surface and low levels.  Note the cumulus cloud development and downwind lake shadows in more of a west to east alignment compared to recent days.  Thunderstorms will again develop in the hot, moist, and unstable atmosphere, initially concentrating along the sea breezes then increasing as outflow boundaries and sea breezes collide.  Activity will slowly travel west to east.


Florida Weather 6/14/16

Florida visible satellite imagery reveals cumulus cloud development occurring throughout much of the southern half of the peninsula.  Thunderstorms will again concentrate this afternoon along the sea breezes and other locally generated boundaries.  Before the sea breezes and thunderstorms disrupt the surface winds can you determine the surface wind direction from this morning’s image?


Florida Weather 6/6/16

Florida visible satellite imagery shows a disorganized Tropical Storm Colin over the eastern Gulf of Mexico.  All of the tall thunderstorm clouds with  heavy rain and wind are located on the eastern half of the center of Colin due to high wind shear.  Much of Florida will feel the affects of Colin as the center of circulation is forecast to travel across northern Florida and southeast Georgia.