Month: February 2018

Florida Weather 2/28/2018

Satellite imagery on this last day in February shows a well-defined surface SSE to NNW wind flow regime as indicated by widespread Cumulus cloud field and the downwind ‘lake shadows’ near all the larger water bodies.  An approaching frontal boundary will initially bring near record warm temperatures across the state over the next couple of days before frontal passage and a noticeable cool down by the weekend.

Florida Weather 2/19/2018

Satellite imagery over Florida at the first glimpses of sunlight (Bahamas) reveals low clouds and fog blanketing the panhandle and northern Florida regions.  As has been the case in the recent benign high pressure dominated weather pattern these clouds and fog will burn off with solar heating giving way fair weather cumulus and stratocumulus clouds during the daylight hours.  An isolated shower or two is possible across extreme south Florida otherwise no rain is expected.