Month: April 2016

Florida Weather 4/26/2016

Florida visible satellite imagery shows an overall quiet weather pattern today as surface and upper level high pressure dominate the region.  Note the curved cloud pattern over the western Atlantic outlining the surface high pressure.  Surface heating and the afternoon sea breezes will initiate mainly fair weather cumulus clouds across central portions of the peninsula although a couple showers along the sea breezes cannot be ruled out.


Florida Weather 4/21/16

Florida visible satellite imagery shows that low level SE winds are occurring across the state as surface high pressure moves further east over the western Atlantic.  Note the SE-NW oriented convergent cumulus cloud lines eminating from the Bahamas Islands, and moving onshore across SE Florida.  These lines are indicative of increasing SE flow.  The increase in cloud cover over and south of the Florida Keys is evidence of increasing moisture heading northward.  This increased moisture will continue northward giving way to higher rain chances on Friday.




Florida Weather 4/20/16

Florida visible satellite imagery reveals a chaotic looking cloud pattern today.  High pressure aloft and at the surface have moved eastward over the past 24 hours.  A weak upper level disturbance over the Gulf of Mexico is throwing mid and upper level clouds  across the state while low level clouds continue to move onshore along the southern portions of the state and Florida Keys.  No precipitation is expected.  The main weather issue remains the hazardous marine conditions along the Florida east coast.


Florida Weather 4/19/16

Florida visible satellite imagery shows similar conditions as yesterday.  High pressure continues to dominate the weather pattern.  Aloft cirrus can be seen spilling over the upper level N-S oriented ridge axis over Georgia and offshore GA-SC coast.  At the surface, high pressure ridge axis is oriented W-E across the FL-GA border as evident by the lack of clouds.  South of this axis stratocumulus clouds over the western Atlantic continue to move onshore the southern half of the east coast of Florida.  The main weather issue continues to be hazardous marine conditions along the Florida east coast.


Florida Weather 4/18/16

Back from vacation…Florida visible satellite imagery shows clouds outlining the clockwise circulation around a large high pressure system over the eastern U.S.  Near the center of the high pressure note the lack of cloudiness over northern half Florida and southeast U.S.  Over the western Atlantic persistent off and on cloudiness continues to move onshore the east coast of Florida with a few light showers.  Main concerns continue to be hazardous marine conditions along the Florida east coast.



Florida Weather 4/5/16

Florida infrared satellite imagery and clear skies provide a unique opportunity to look at the temperature differences over land and water.  The darker shades of gray represent warmer land and water temperatures while the lighter shades of gray represent colder temperatures.  This is a morning image hence the water areas over the peninsula appear warmer than the land.  This trend reverses (normally) during the day as land areas become warmer than inland lakes, etc.  Also of note is the warm water currents of the Gulf Loop Current which includes areas of the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Stream along the Florida Straits and up the east coast.  The only cloud of note is the line of cumulus clouds that migrated off the Gulf Stream.  By comparison this line can be seen more clearly in the visible satellite image.  As indicated by the images mainly clear skies can be expected today.