Month: September 2017

Florida Weather 9/27/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida shows a mainly cloud free and dry day across the state.  As was the case yesterday larger moisture content and cloud cover were higher across south Florida and The Keys where highest rain chances exist.  This moisture will begin to be drawn northward as upper level low pressure evolves across the eastern Gulf of Mexico.  Rain chances will increase over the next few days as this moisture combines with a weak frontal boundary moving into the southeast U.S. and projected to stall across Florida.

Florida Weather 9/25/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida shows cloud cover associated with Hurricane Maria well off to the east.  The main area of cloud cover and precipitation will be across the Panhandle as mid and upper level low pressure and higher moisture generate showers and thunderstorms.  Otherwise the remainder of the state will remain relatively dry with a slight chance for a sea breeze induced shower or thunderstorm along both coasts.