Month: May 2018

Florida Weather 5/29/2018

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Morning satellite imagery over Florida shows the signs of an active thunderstorm day across the peninsula.  Diurnal convection erupting along the Gulf Stream is indicative off a moist and unstable atmosphere.  Daytime heating and sea breeze convergence will transition showers and thunderstorms over the land by late morning and early afternoon, with activity increasing through late afternoon and evening.  Also of note is the remnant circulation of ‘Alberto’ over Alabama.

Florida Weather 5/23/2018

Satellite imagery over Florida, the southeast U.S., Gulf of Mexico, and western Caribbean show two main circulations.  The first over Georgia as indicated but the developing showers and thunderstorms over that state.  The other, a tropical disturbance over the western Caribbean, will be responsible for the cloud cover and rain over the Florida Peninsula during the holiday weekend.


Florida Weather 5/21/2018

Low level water vapor imagery clearly shows the moisture stream originating over the western Caribbean towards and through the Florida Peninsula.  An N-S oriented upper level low pressure trough along the Gulf of Mexico will continue this moisture through the next several days.  This deep moisture along with daily daytime surface heating and sea breezes will generate widespread showers and thunderstorms which will travel generally towards the north and (5-21WV)

Florida Weather 5/16/2018

Satellite imagery over Florida continues to show an upper level low over the eastern Gulf of Mexico.  This feature will transport deep tropical moisture from the Gulf and western Caribbean over the peninsula aiding in the development of showers and thunderstorms each and every afternoon.  Thunderstorms can be seen developing along the east coast sea breeze in the unstable air mass.  All activity will travel towards the north-northeast.

Florida Weather 5/15/2018

Satellite imagery over Florida shows developing thunderstorms in the warm and humid air mass.  Upper level low over the eastern Gulf of Mexico continues to feed tropical moisture across the peninsula.  That along with daytime heating is contributing to the thunderstorm development.  All activity will travel towards the north-northeast throughout the remainder of the afternoon and evening.

Florida Weather 5/14/2018

Satellite imagery over Florida shows widespread cloudiness and heavy rain across much of the peninsula.  Convection continuing to develop along the east coast, in the regions of strong upward vertical motions and highest moisture content.  Upper level low pressure over the eastern Gulf of Mexico is the main culprit and will continue to pump moisture into the state through much of this week.

Florida Weather 5/12/2018

Satellite imagery over Florida shows the multilayered clouds and associated rains on the increase.  Deep moisture feed from the southern Gulf of Mexico will overspread the peninsula as an upper level low pressure center slowly spins over the eastern Gulf.  This wet pattern will mark the beginning of the Florida ‘rainy’ season, a season that usually lasts until mid to late October.

Florida Weather 5/3/2018

Satellite imagery over Florida and southeast U.S., and Caribbean shows stable marine clouds over the Florida east coast off shore waters and developing cumulus clouds over the peninsula.  Of main note is the large buildup of clouds over the eastern Bahamas.  This disturbance is associated with an upper level low pressure system that will travel east to west over the weekend bringing increased rain chances across southern and central Florida.