Month: May 2016

Florida Weather 5/20/16

Florida visible satellite shows a large bow shaped line of strong to severe thunderstorms quickly traveling across the peninsula with a second large area over the northern Gulf of Mexico.  Both of these areas developed over Texas and traveled the length of the Gulf Coast.  Ahead of the first squall line low level southwest winds can be seen by the orientation of the Lake Okeechobee shadow along with the sea breezes developing over south Florida.


Florida Weather 5/19/16

Florida visible satellite imagery shows ongoing thunderstorm activity across The Florida Keys and Florida Straits.  The other item of note is the beginning of developing thunderstorms over the western half of the peninsula.  SW-NE cumulus cloud lines most easily seen southeast of the Tampa signifies where thunderstorms will initially develop.  Additional activity will develop as surface heating increases and the sea breezes develop.  All activity will travel SW to NE.


Florida Weather 5/18/16

Florida visible satellite imagery reveals that the west coast sea breeze, along with intense surface heating will initiate thunderstorm development today.  Another interesting feature is the very thin cumulus cloud line just offshore east central Florida, another subtle potential initiator of thunderstorms.  The east coast sea breeze will remain pinned along the coast due to westerly environmental winds.


Florida Weather 5/16/16

Florida visible satellite imagery shows convective clouds forming over the peninsula with concentrations along the east coast sea breeze and an E-W boundary stretching from the western Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico.  Upper level cirrus clouds can be seen across the Gulf of Mexico indicating higher winds aloft.  Clouds will continue to develop along the boundaries and become thunderstorms by early afternoon as the atmosphere becomes more moist and unstable.  The trend for a more active thunderstorm pattern will continue this week as the onset of the Florida ‘wet season’ begins.


Florida Weather 5/10/16

Florida visible satellite imagery reveal more general cloudiness over the Florida peninsula and surrounding water although very little in the way of precipitation.  Area soundings received from morning weather balloons show the atmosphere is still quite dry above 3000 feet so any clouds that form will be low level and flat in nature.  These clouds may generate a sprinkle or two but nothing more.  The long strip of clouds over the northern Gulf of Mexico and southeast U.S. are thin jet stream level cirrus clouds.