Month: August 2017

Florida Weather 8/30/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida reveals the deep moisture associated with the tropical wave that hampered many parts of the peninsula with heavy rain has lifted north and weakened.  Drier air associated with high pressure has built back into the state.  With the exception of The Panhandle region, which is now receiving ‘Harvey’ associated rains, the state will generally be dry.  Isolated sea breeze induced thunderstorms are still possible where pockets of higher moisture exist.

Florida Weather 8/28/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida shows a developing low pressure center (named Potential Tropical Cyclone Ten) off the Georgia-South Carolina coast, slowly moving towards the northeast.  Trailing trough of low pressure which has plagued the peninsula for days continues to stretch NE to SW across the state.  Deep tropical moisture and surface heating along the trough will once again allow widespread showers and thunderstorms to form.  All activity will travel from SW to NE.

Florida Weather 8/20/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida shows the first of two tropical waves to impact the state this week approaching the east coast.  The first wave is riding along the backside of a westward moving upper level low over the eastern Gulf of Mexico.  The second located east of the Bahamas continues to be monitored for possible tropical cyclone development.  Showers and thunderstorms will increase in coverage across the peninsula over the next few days.

Florida Weather 8/17/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida shows a similar scenario today with a subtle change to the steering level winds.  Abundant moisture remains in place.  Day time heating and sea breeze formation will initiate shower and thunderstorm development.  Steering level winds are very light from a NE to SW direction so all activity will drift in that direction.  A majority of the activity by late afternoon and evening will be concentrated across interior and western sections of the peninsula.  The east coast counties will remain mainly dry today.

Florida Weather 8/16/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida shows an active west coast sea breeze marching inland with widespread showers and thunderstorms.  This activity will travel eastward throughout the day while tapping into a hot and moisture rich atmosphere.  The east coast sea breeze will develop and collide with these eastward moving showers and thunderstorms.  The result will be an increase in coverage and intensity of activity across coastal and interior counties later this afternoon and evening.

Florida Weather 8/15/2017

Visible satellite imagery over Florida shows a hot humid day with westerly flow making conditions even hotter over the land areas.  Showers and thunderstorms developing along the enhanced west coast sea breeze was traveling towards the east.  Boundaries from theses storms will interact with a late developing east coast sea breeze later this afternoon and increase thunderstorm coverage and intensity.  Temperatures will cool slightly near the east coast after the sea breeze develops and rains begin.